Love dogs? Want to have fun and start a career as a professional dog groomer working from home at hours that suit you and earn over $1000 per week, grooming just 4 dogs per day.

There is a shortage of professional dog groomers north of the river and the situation is going to get worse as more people buy dogs that need regular clipping and grooming.

I am an experienced dog groomer, experienced dog handler and a qualified trainer. I teach people the skills necessary to be able to start their own business as a dog groomer. Not only will I teach you how to clip and groom dogs but will also help you in setting up your business by assisting you in completing your application for council approval, introducing you to suppliers and providing help with marketing if you wish.

For the duration of the training you will not be required to purchase anything - you will use my equipment and I will advise you on the basic set of equipment you will need to purchase to commence your own business.

You will gain practical experience on a wide range of dogs from small to very large ones in a professional grooming salon.

Training is one-on-one and runs over a minimum of 14 days to equip you with the skills you will need to be able to work confidently on your own. Please don't think that you will be able to pick up these skills in a shorter period of time. The actual days spent training can be flexible to fit into your personal situation and can include Saturdays. I only work with one student at a time to ensure that they learn at their own pace.

The areas covered will include equipment and maintenance, health and safety, clipping styles, correct use of clippers and clipper blades, nail trimming, ear plucking, scissoring technique, how to deal with a badly matted coat and much, much more.

For those people that wish to learn how to groom their own dog, I can also run a one-on-one class just for you. You will learn how to clip your pets nails correctly, how to clean their ears, how to pluck the hair in the ear canal and how to clip your dog to get just the look you want. You will use my equipment and I will be able to advise you what to buy and the best places to get it.